About w8nc

w8nc helps its clients make the best most creative use of emerging media, social and up-and-coming technologies.

Our clients include: The Alzheimer Society of Ontario, York University, McMaster University, PSTG Consulting, the Canadian Health Food Association, Random House and others.

We've helped them weave social media, podcasting, vidcasting, virtual worlds and wikis seamlessly into their broader communication strategies. And, we've developed innovative ways of using emerging communications tools to reach whole new audiences in fresh ways. We pride ourselves on great storytelling skills, creative energy and the experience and expertise to spot trends early and make innovative and appropriate use of emerging media for our clients.

About Wayne MacPhail

w8nc president, Wayne MacPhail, has been a print and online content producer for over 20 years. He has been a magazine editor and photographer, a newspaper feature writer and editor and, in 1991, founded and directed Southam Inc.'s InfoLab, a groundbreaking research and development studio for what was then Canada's largest newspaper chain.

InfoLab produced award-winning products including the Understanding McLuhan and True North CD-ROMS (some of the first educational CD-ROMs in Canada). The book/PhotoCD Kate's Story and other innovations that put Southam Inc. five years ahead of its competition in the online space.

Since then Wayne has produced online content for most of the major players in Canada including AOL Canada, Bell-Emergis, @Home Canada, MSN, CANOE and Sympatico-Lycos, where he was Director of Content. Wayne was also the Chief Knowledge Officer for Cyberplex Inc. and has taught online journalism and writing at a variety of colleges and universities in Ontario.

He is currently on the board of rabble.ca and writes a weekly tech column for the online news magazine.

He is also a published and produced playwright, book author and an avid cyclist and runner.